While Project Exodus' Outreach Coordinators are trained in researching and identifying potential trafficking locations, sometimes the best way to find out where human trafficking is taking place is to go into the communities that are vulnerable to trafficking and just ask! 

In a Project Exodus TIP Sweep, teams of volunteers are sent into local communities that are at risk for slavery and engage in conversations about human trafficking with local community members, handing out leaflets with information on how to identify trafficking and how to report it should they see it. The goal: find where trafficking is happening. 

TIP Sweeps are amazing for a couple of reasons. First off, they are successful! Usually for every 10 people sent out on a TIP sweep, Project Exodus receives one tip regarding potential trafficking in the area. Secondly, TIP Sweeps are an amazing chance to pray over a community and spread the light of Christ in what can sometimes be a dark area. Finally, TIP Sweeps offer hope and comfort to communities that can often be alienated from the wider metropolis due to lingual, financial and educational background. 

Best of all, TIP Sweeps are open to anyone who has a heart for justice. With a quick on-site training for volunteers, no prior Project Exodus experience or training is necessary to get out and spread light! To see if there is a TIP Sweep coming up, check out our EVENTS page.