If volunteers are the heart of Project Exodus, then our Outreach Coordinators are our hands and feet. 

Operating under the guidance of a Regional Director, Outreach Coordinators (OCs) are volunteer leaders in charge of leading Project Exodus Ministry Teams. 

Project Exodus OCs* are trained in:

Volunteer recruitment and training
 Research, identification, and reconnaissance of potential trafficking locations
 Planning and leading of weekly Project Exodus outreaches and observations
 Coordination of volunteer outreach and activities
 Pray walks, TIP sweeps, and prayer meetings
 Compilation of Project Exodus PTL reports

While a considerable time commitment, being a Project Exodus OC is an extremely rewarding experience and offers a chance to be a leader on the front lines of the Kingdom. 

If you feel you are ready to make the commitment to justice, we encourage you to contact us about becoming an OC. Help us "shepherd the flock with JUSTICE" and become a leader today!