A Project Exodus Ministry Team (PXMT) is a self sufficient group that participates in abolitionist work under the guidance of Project Exodus from a remote 
location such as a church, a university campus, or a work place/organization.  

The purpose of a PXMT is to expand the operations and fulfillment of Project Exodus' mission throughout a particular region. PXMTs are Project Exodus' main mode of expansion and allow the organization to reach particular areas and populations that the "base" of the organization cannot.  

Led by trained Outreach Coordinators and under the supervision of a Project Exodus Regional Director, PXMTs have four main pillars of responsibility:
  • Investigation
  • Prayer
  • Activism
  • Fundraising
If you are part of a university, church, or just a group of friends that have a passion for justice, we urge you to consider starting a PXMT in your neighborhood.