Mission Statement
Project Exodus is a Christian anti-human trafficking organization which seeks to  find, rescue, and restore victims of human trafficking throughout the United States and the world and to empower individuals and communities to actively participate in the fight against slavery by becoming modern day abolitionists. 

Vision Statement
Project Exodus' vision is "To see a world free of modern slavery, where individuals actively seek God's justice and work together to love one another and fight oppression"

The Premise 
Project Exodus was founded on the premise that more was needed in the fight against modern day slavery. As it stands, there is a massive gap between professional abolitionist organizations and abolitionist activists. While the professional abolitionist organizations are doing amazing work, there is often little opportunity for the average abolitionist activist to join in these operations beyond fundraising and awareness building. The result of this gap is a massive waste of resources with thousands of potential justice seekers standing idle at the sidelines. Project Exodus seeks to change this. 

Current Operations
Strongly affirming that God can use anyone to actively seek justice, Project Exodus encourages individuals to join the fight against injustice by training them to directly identify and observe potential trafficking locations in Los Angeles and to conduct tip sweeps aimed at discovering trafficking locations within local communities. 

External Observations
In an observation, individuals are given training on the basics of human trafficking and what trafficking may look like in America and Los Angeles. Once trained, the individuals are put into teams and sent out to directly observe potential trafficking locations within the city. Having been trained in what to look for, the individuals take detailed notes on their findings, looking for patterns of behavior and signs of slavery. Once enough information has been gathered, Project Exodus teams compile intelligence reports that are then given to law enforcement to aid them in investigations.

Once Project Exodus has finished with its observations, a detailed report is created describing the situation. Project Exodus then ranks the likelihood of trafficking at the location and delivers the report to the local anti-trafficking division at the police. The goal of these observations and reports is to gather enough indisputable evidence that the police will be able to accurately move on the situation, rescue the girls and arrest the perpetrators. 

Tip Sweeps
In addition to conducting observations, Project Exodus conducts outreaches into vulnerable neighborhoods to expose potential trafficking locations. Called "tip sweeps", teams directly engage with local community members regarding human trafficking in hopes of receiving "tips" about where trafficking is taking place. These sweeps have proven to be amazingly effective and not only spread awareness about trafficking but also provide specific locations of trafficking that would otherwise be impossible to find. 

Filling The Void
Human trafficking is an atrocity of epic proportions and effects 
everyone everywhere. Due to its size and its shadowy nature, 
trafficking happens even in the most populated and affluent places 
of this world, including the cities of the United States. Yet 
regardless of this, the anti-trafficking movement and its reach is
still small, due to a lack of ability brought on by shortage of funds,
lack of man power, and poor education. By Project Exodus doing
observations and outreach, not only are we promoting awareness 
of trafficking in many neighborhoods but we are putting eyes out in 
areas where no eyes are watching, bringing light to the darkness 
and exposing what is hidden, truly filling the void so that no 
trafficker can go unnoticed.