Mike's story of seeking justice began in December of 2006 after a Dateline NBC documentary regarding child soldiers broke his heart and opened his eyes to the injustices the world. Shortly afterwards Mike was introduced to the issue of human trafficking and immediately became an outspoken advocate for those oppressed by slavery world wide. While in college, Mike helped start and lead numerous human rights and humanitarian initiatives including weekly anti-trafficking outreaches into Los Angeles and library development in West Africa. After two years of working as an activist and seeing how much more needed to be done to fight human trafficking, Mike founded Project Exodus.  

Co-Founder/Vice President

Blake first became aware of international justice issues after seeing the poverty in such countries as Kenya, Uganda, and the Dominican Republic up close.  Shortly after coming to Pepperdine in Fall 2007, Blake joined the college chapter of the International Justice Mission.  After hearing about the issue of human trafficking, he immediately became involved in the Anti-Trafficking Committee.  Pretty soon Blake was going out weekly with the committee into Los Angeles to pray about human trafficking. By Spring 2008 Blake had emerged as an obvious leader and started working with Mike towards the creation of Project Exodus. 


Regional Director

Arleen was first introduced to the issue of human trafficking while attending college at Pepperdine University. While at the university, Arleen got involved in the university's Anti-Trafficking Committee and began going out weekly into Los Angeles on prayer and awareness outreach. After graduating, Arleen decided to further pursue her passion for those without a voice and spent a number of months in Ecuador working with rural children. Upon her return to the US, Arleen moved to Los Angeles to work with Project Exodus and help lead the outreach teams. 

Events Coordinator

Natalie is committed to raising awareness and the funding necessary to help the fight against human trafficking.  She first learned of these justice issues about 5 years ago and committed to join the fight. It started with monthly donations to an organization in Thailand but that wasn’t enough for her. She now organizes events such as ‘Pilates For Hope’ and ‘Faith Hope Love Music’ for anti-trafficking organizations and most recently for Project Exodus.   



Executive Assistant 

Lauren’s fight for the advancement of social justice has grown throughout her entire life, but reached new heights in college upon her awareness of child soldiers and the AIDS crisis in Africa. After conducting much research, Lauren discovered that her life’s calling and passion was in missionary work and humanitarian efforts. However it was not until her involvement in Project Exodus while working on her Masters in Psychology at Pepperdine University in Spring of 2009 that Lauren truly came to appreciate the gravity of modern day slavery. Unable to ignore how monstrous and tragic human trafficking is, Lauren actively committed herself to Project Exodus in June 2010.