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I am a cancer survivor (lymphoma) like many of you.  In reviewing posts, I saw members sharing recipes  on particular discussion boards and topics.  I thought it would be a useful project to create a method to allow members to do this in one place where all recipes could be organized and stored.  The project will promote sharing amongst members and allow us to "give back" in a small way.  Hopefully it will help us briefly take our minds off  cancer for a welcome break.  If you're not a cook, no problem.  You can always submit a favorite recipe from someone else.
Ideas and comments are always welcome and I thank you for participation in this project.
- CSN member: jimwins.
This project was created and is maintained by and for the members of the Cancer Survivors Network. It is intended to be a shared resource and not to be used for any profit or fundraising endeavors. If necessary, you may contact the coordinators at projectwinit@gmail.com or
CSN member jimwins.
These recipes have not been tested by the coordinators. Also, if you or your loved ones are under dietary restrictions, please review the recipe for compliance.
Note: This project has been independently organized by a CSN member.
It has not been funded or endorsed by the American Cancer Society.