My name is Alison Doyle and Project Warmth began in my home 4 years ago.
At Project Warmth we create baskets of gently used and new items to share. At this time we are collecting donations of gently used or new items for baby, toddler and child (up to 10 years): clothes, diapers (disposable), bibs, hats, blankets, toys, books, baby products (new – only) shampoo, baby powder, diaper cream, etc. strollers, high chairs, bassinets…

Donated items for BABY & TODDLER are sorted and beautifully packaged into gift boxes/baskets with the extra- special ingredients of warmth & care and then passed on to young, new mums, in need through the June Callwood Centre.
Items for OLDER CHILDREN will get the same treatment and be distributed through a shelter (specific referrals are welcome).


Project Warmth


 A smile, holding a door open, a warm hello' you know how this works….