We are a collective of women who see a paradigm shift in the field of health. Coming from a variety of health oriented backgrounds we teach and practice Touch For Health Kinesiology to empower individuals, families, and groups to become their own health experts through the self-responsibility model. 

Muscle Testing

The purpose of muscle testing is to see differences in muscle strength and performance. "Locked" and "unlocked" muscles offer insight into necessary corrections for optimal body function. 

What is Touch For Health (TFH) Kinesiology?

Touch for Health uses muscle testing to receive feedback about body systems. When the energetic meridian system is out of balance we use techniques based on the acupressure system and scientific research to gently move the body into balance for optimal performance and well-being. 

Techniques employed by TFH can relax tight muscles, release emotional stress, reset overused muscle fibers from past injuries, integrate brain/body interactions for better coordination, decrease visual inhibition, alleviate pain, help you achieve your goals and much more. 

See our "Classes We Offer" page to learn more about techniques we use. 
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