Volunteer Information
Application Process

ProjectTeach/Konbit Pwof depends on highly qualified and dedicated educators to fulfill its objectives and welcomes applications throughout the year. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and have completed a minimum of 3 years of teaching, please click on the Volunteer Application Form button to complete and submit your application. Ask two references (one professional and one personal) to click on the Referral Form button to complete and submit the referral form.

If you are accepted as a volunteer, a Project Teach/Konbit Pwof representative will contact you to discuss the subject area(s) and specific topic(s) you will teach.

In teaching your subject(s), you will need to incorporate:
*Teaching methodology
*Classroom management & community building
*Lesson planning
*Assessment and evaluation

Can't travel to Haiti, but want to help? Please consider making a donation to help cover costs of our annual teacher training seminar.

Application Process

To apply for a Project Teach seminar, complete the Application Form and ask at least two  references to complete the Referral Form.

Volunteer Application

Referral Form

Cost of Volunteering

The 2017 Project Teach seminar will require a $1000 fee from each volunteer. This covers food, lodging, and transportation while in Haiti.

Volunteers are responsible for their own airfare costs to and from Haiti. Each volunteer is responsible for making their own travel arrangements in and out of Haiti, but our staff will assist you with arrival and departure dates/times.

Project Teach volunteers supply the materials that they use with their seminar participants. This should not be a large expense as Haitian schools do not have many resources available. We ask that Project Teach volunteers make an effort to plan lessons that use minimal (if any) materials.

Project Teach volunteers are also responsible for the cost of any personal excursions and other off-program activities.