Our Vision

Little adventurous curiosity took our footsteps to the slum where construction laborers live in small jhuggis. There every door was knocked which became a prelude to their literate life. Under the shelter of Col J.P.S. Suri, seed of swapan was sown, to educate those children. Its light started to spread from November,2008. From teaching on floor of washerman’s house, they have now reached to SPS Public School spreading their laurels’ by giving 100% result.

How did this happen?

·       Initially students were taught by Swapan team in a room of MRDC daily for one hr.

·       Then, they realized the need of sending them to school. For this, donation drive was carried on. Posters were placed everywhere. And a good amount of money was collected but insufficient for their education.

·       “Nishqam” team conducted intra college fest whose with that Adobe and Idea company funded the project.

Clothes and chappals were given to them in winters. Once a health checkup was carried on and they were also taken to zoo and India gate for a picnic.

Now, children of nearby village has also joined. 

Our vision is to motivate such children and more importantly their parents towards education. We have seen many difficulties but the result had been marvellous till now..