Iron Gym Extreme Workout Bar Extension


This project will show how to add extensions to most door mounted pull-up bars to fit larger door openings up.


Before Pictures [36" doorway]
Notice: the lack of clearance = falling on your ass.

Results and Conclusion

After Pictures [36" doorway]

Bar length was increase from 36" to 40" in this example with no noticeable visual difference, allowing the chin-up bar to be used in a larger doorway.

Materials and Tools Required

  • Doorway pull-up bar [Iron Gym Xtreme used in this example]
    • should be compatible with most other bars. note: be sure to remove the end cap measure the ID of the tubing (should be 7/8")
  • 2x Standard plumbing pipe extension available at local hardware [1/2" OD x 5.5" Length in this example; see step 2 below for length] 
  • Electrical tape


1. Remove end caps and foam. They just pop off.

2. Measure the distance from the end of the bar to the closest bolt. On mine it is 3", but on other models it will vary. You will need pipes that are 2-4 inches longer, depending on the door span you require. I used 5.5" pipe to add 2 inches on each side.

3. Wrap the pipes in electrical tape. A single layer of electrical tape [no overlaps] is perfectly snug for an Iron Gym Workout Bar. On the end cap side, you will want to make 6-7 layers so the cap will slip over the tape and be tight

Left side wrapped for end cap                                                                                     Right side single layered for inside tube

4. Slide the pipe inside the workout bar until it makes contact with the nearest bolt. It may require some loving from a hammer.

5. Replace the foam and end caps

This project is probably not recommended by the manufacture. Do any modding and usage thereafter at your own risk. k.thx.

Finished Project