A list of upcoming projects, listed in chronological order.




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Major Projects

Minor Projects



Planned Projects:

NESp (Rather likely)- Like the SNESp. A Nintendo-On-A-Chip (NOAC) and a colour 2.5" LCD will be somehow jammed into a Gameboy Original case.

Unplanned Projects: (Projects I will do if I feel like them / Can afford to do them / Get the parts for cheap or free)

Hovercraft - It ultimately depends on if I can get cheap electric leaf-blowers.

Ruben's Tube - A Flame Tube that changes flame height based on sound waves.

Air-Cooled Mouse - An optical mouse with a tiny fan in it. A quick, simple project. Maybe I'll do a how-to as well. If I get a tiny fan...

Metroid Arm Cannon - A wiimote that is built into a Samus-like Arm Cannon. Might have rumble when you charge your beam. Uncontrollable Samus rumble. You can turn this off. Flashing LEDs, the works. Will do this if I need a major project to pass the time. Right now I'm good though. No longer for profit. Maybe I'll do it when Wiimotes are cheaper. Or when I get a Wii.