This site is for me and my projects. And hopefully, one day, this site is for Hack-a-day readers to flood with bandwidth problems. 


Major Projects

Minor Projects



Welcome. This web site serves as a database that lists all of my projects completed after April 22, 2007. Please keep in mind that I am very compulsive, and some of the listed future projects will probably never happen. I also take rather long to finish projects, so don't expect any regular updates. I hope this site will slowly grow in size over the course of many years, especially the upcoming year, so that my work can inspire others.

This site was last updated on September 1, 2007. The reason was: Updated site; added reworked SNESp information/pictures W00t!

The current project is: NESp

The last completed major project was: Super Nintendo Portable (SNESp)

The last completed minor project was: Vacuum-Forming Table

Expect the next major project to be: Nintendo (NES) Portable

Expect the next minor project to be: None planned

All the ads are here because some spare change for projects would be nice. Want some Google features? Get them from me, it's liking handing me $2