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Welcome to the CAMPAIGN for Projects and Digital Portfolios

Please give this information to your innovative teachers They can download free copies of ebooks written by teachers to support the transformation of education.

www.TinyURL.com/ShowyourWork   “Show Your Work” How to make a free Digital Portfolio

www.TinyURL.com/ShowyourWork1   A website to support the ebook called “Show Your Work” (How to make a free Digital Portfolio)   Find the book on AMAZON

www.tinyURL.com/MattBlazek   Matt Blazek’s video to describe his projects CD

www.tinyURL.com/blazekProjects      AMAZON

The free ebook that introduces Matt Blazek’s list of projects

www.TinyURL.com/LectureLessBook   a FREE 78-page handbook to guide teachers toward the use of projects.  Based on 30 years of research by Richard E. Clark (USC professor who has studied how best to use technologies in education).  BUY

DOMINOS IN SCHOOLS  (Volume 1) Free Ebook to link Dominos and Math to build collaboration skills in your students  www.TinyURL.com/DominosInSchools  AMAZON

www.TinyURL.com/DominosTips   Volume 2 (exercises to apply Volume 1)    Buy the book on AMAZON    Get the free Ebook

www.TinyURL.com/FischlerBook  Dr. Abraham Fischler, former president of  Nova University, uses quotes and commentaries to train teachers in the philosophy of “The Student is the Class.”   How to create the mindset that supports discussion and projects in your school.  FREE ebook          AMAZON   6th Edition

Free Discussion Sheet with 7 key questions  http://tinyurl.com/Fischler7   FREE

More free materials at www.TransformTeaching.org

Free support at VisualAndActive@gmail.com

+1 (954) 646 8246   We listen to suggestions

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