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Medical Informatics Europe congress 2015 

The next Medical Informatics Europe congress will take place in Madrid on 27th, 28th and 29th of May 2015. 

Further information available on:

REWIRE team is working together with the INTERACTION project for a common workshop. 

Further information will be published on this website soon. 


Blue DotPrevious events (with REWIRE participation)

REWIRE project has been presented at CASA dissemination event in Seville, Spain.

REWIRE was one of the ICT European projects participating on the Regional Dissemination event held by CASA (Consortium for Assistive Solutions Adoption) project.

Place: Seville, Spain | Start date: 31/10/2014 

VirtRehab, Neurotechnix 2014, SpecialSession on Serious Games and Robotic Systems for Physical and CognitiveRehabilitation Pajaro-Blázquez M, Dueñas-Ruiz A, Ferrer-Gonzalez B, Moreno-Conde A, Jódar-Sánchez F, Parra C. (Technological Innovation Group, Virgen del Rocío University Hospital, Manuel Siurot Avenue, s/n, 41013 Seville, Spain)

Place: Rome, Italy | Start date: 25/10/2014 | End date: 26/10/2014 

The REWIRE Project has been presented in the framework of the Hispanic-Argentinean clinical management conference in Seville, Spain.

The REWIRE project was presented to Argentinean health representatives as part of the talk “Telemedicine: tools for future growth – Introduction to the telerehabilitation project REWIRE”.  This communication was presented during the last Hispanic-Argentinean clinical management conference that took place at the Virgen del Rocío University Hospital.                                          

Place: Seville, Spain | Start date: 25/09/2014 |End date: 27/09/2014 

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