About Ballisticom / Poster-Projects

Who we are: We are a small company that develops material relating to building, making, or
using interesting technology. We've been doing this since 2000. We are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

What we do: Currently, we have three posters - How to Build a Flamethrower, How to Build a Potato Cannon,
and How to Build a Catapult. We also have the Fire Piston Kit, a highly entertaining fire starting device that
is the actual precursor of the diesel engine. Also, William Gurstelle's popular book "Adventures from the
Technology Underground" in on sale on site. More kits,posters, books, etc are on the way.

Wholesale Inquires:
We're easy to reach and respond quickly! For fastest service, use the form below.
Alternatively, please email us at info(at sign) ballisticom. com.
You may also telephone toll-free 1- 877-907-1559 and leave a message.

Website quality images of posters and books:
Click here for library of high quality, watermarked images

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