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 The Definitive G.I. Joe " Pimp Daddy Destro " Action Figure Resource.

Welcome All! And what the heck is a Pimp Daddy Destro anyway???

The Pimp Daddy Destro (PDD) is a nick-name given to an incredibly rare & valuable G.I.Joe 3 3/4" action figure of the character Destro, which was produced as part of the Cobra Command Team set in 1997. The PDD has an outlandish  " leopard spot " paint scheme on it's collar and upper legs, which distinguishes it from the mass released 1997 Destros (which commonly feature all black paint on the collar & upper legs). This bizarre spotted paint scheme lead collectors to jokingly refer to this figure as the " Pimp Daddy Destro ". The name stuck...and the rest is history.