PROJECT:PDD (Pimp Daddy Destro!)                                                 

 The Definitive G.I. Joe " Pimp Daddy Destro " Action Figure Resource.

The Pimp Daddy Destro Picture Gallery

All pictures on this website have been altered, in an effort to prevent forgeries. Leopard spots have been removed from AND added in places on ALL the PDD pictures. If a deceptive person uses ANY picture on this website as a guide to create a reproduction PDD, their creation will be NOTICEABLY fake (to an experienced PDD collector).- Project:PDD

 WARNING! This next picture may be hazardous to your health. Here's my friend Kevin, G.I.Joe collector, dealer extrordinaire (geat stuff at Armageddon Toys!) and site contributor posing with his old PDD. Looking good, Kev!

Many thanks to Kevin, from Armageddon Toys, for these loose PDD pics.