Mission Statement


It is the mission of Project Outreach to be inclusive of as many special needs children as possible.  We seek to provide families with temporary respite care to promote a healthy family environment.  We recognize the need for respite care and seek to provide our services to those in need. 


Project Outreach is a non-profit agency providing respite care to special needs children and their siblings.  We are an agency that envisions respite care for families in the Norman area through volunteerism.  We seek to give caregivers of special needs children temporary relief from the stress of care giving.  Our goal is to continue to provide respite care through the utilization of volunteers and donations.  We seek to include as many children as possible.  Project Outreach promotes a culture of a caring, relaxed atmosphere and support for those with special needs.  Project Outreach encourages an environment free of judgment and exclusion.  We are a support system as well as advocates for special needs children and their families.