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Welcome to our website! We, Christina Araiza, Corrie Sample, and Manuel Guevara Zavaleta, are missionary volunteers for the non-profit organization Peru Projects ( We are currently volunteering on a medical missionary launch traveling on the Amazon River. Over the year we have been visiting approximately 15 villages, spending 3 weeks in every village. Our days are filled with health clinics, dental extractions, and health education programs in the community.
During this time, we have gotten to know many of the village people and many have personally touched our hearts. The people here are warm hearted, accepting, and have embraced us although our time with them has been limited. Most of them are families working hard to survive in the harsh Amazonian conditions. Most day to day work is spent cooking, cleaning and working, either in their farms, fishing, or removing lumber from the jungle.
During our medical services, we have seen several special cases, individuals that have serious health needs but do not have the economic means to be treated or be cured. This inspired the Project One Life at a Time. We felt inspired by God to help with these specific few cases. With blessings from our administration, we spent almost three weeks traveling by public mobility to visit these villages and get to know their personal stories. We slept in our hammocks and mosquito nets, bathed and drank from the river, and ate whatever food available which meant a lot of bananas and eggs.
During this time, these individuals became known not just as cases, but as people. We got to know their villages, their homes, their families, and their health needs. When we let them know we were there to help, some had tears in their eyes…some had a new sparked hope… all were very grateful. We shed many tears ourselves, in frustration, in sadness, in helplessness but also in joy, thanking God for this incredible opportunity. God blessed us our entire trip and we completed it in good spirits, with new hope for these individuals and their families.
We are looking to provide financial support for these individuals to be treated or cured from their condition. We are collaborating with the local Ana Stahl Adventist Clinic ( to provide all treatment services as the clinic is willing to provide the services at a lower than normal cost.
These individuals live in villages on the river that are sometimes a day or two away from the clinic location in Iquitos. Therefore, we are hoping to also raise enough funds to provide transportation and lodging for that individual and a family member during their time in Iquitos. The estimated cost listed for each person is just an estimation. It may be slightly higher or lower depending on more analysis and tests that will have to be done as needed. We will continually update the site as we receive new information. All funds will be directly sent to the clinic to cover expenses.
We invite you to read the stories of these seven individuals that touched our hearts. If you would like to contribute, you may send your donations to the following address:
Peru Projects
In Care of Jack Sample
PO Box 164
Talmage, NE 68448
All donations are tax-deductible and you will receive a receipt by mail. Please make checks payable to Peru Projects and indicate which individual case you would like to donate to. If there is a surplus in donations to any one case, that surplus will go to the next priority case until all cases are complete.

Thank you so much for your time and prayers! God Bless!