The Ultimate Retro Supercar

  0-100km/h in < 3.5 secs

  Standing Quarter in < 12.0 secs

  Top Speed > 300km/h
  PROJECT Nagari is an Ultimate Retro Supercar

  It has a classic Retro-crafted convertible body based on Australia's iconic sportscar. 

  PROJECT NAGARI is a program to build a fully road-registered Retro Supercar from the original 
  and acclaimed Concept Car/Showcar.
  It will be re-launched  in 2019 at Australia's leading street machine showcase - MotorEx -Street Elite.  
  International media exposure will follow.
  Subject to interest (already strong), Project Nagari is being considered for limited production.

  This is the story of Project Nagari - from concept to creation - the car, the evolution, the masterpiece.
  And the people  who made it possible.  As the Project is continuing, it is a work-in-progress, with updates.

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