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* Chassis Mods

  Team: Glenn Goldfinch and Clem Chong
  PROJECT NAGARI has evolved through many iterations - concept car, showcar, prototype, prod proto.
  Building a 'street legal' version involved a ground-up revision process and the chassis came in for a lot
  of special attention.
  Engineer Glenn Goldfinch initiated a systematic analaysis of all aspects of the chassis design - from
  suspension pick-up points and revised engine mounts, to lateral and oblique torque-resistance.
  Like any Project that has passed through multiple hands  (including the occasional 'barbarian') en route
  to different objectives, a number of items required upgrading.
  Old work including protective coatings, fittings and welds which weren't required or weren't up to
  scratch were removed or ground-off.  Additional fittings to fit new requirements were added. Gaps were
  plugged. Components re-routed.
  When the base chassis package had been modified to suit the overall concept, it was shipped-off for
  complete chemical stripping and bead-blasting. This process unmasked any inadequate welding and
  provided a clinical environment for a thorough re-weld including seam-welding all the major stress
  areas. This was a mamoth task, involving countless hours to grind, prep and re-weld every inch of the
  chassis.  This task was expertly handled by Clem Chong.
  The pictureboard below is a summary of those activities...
    Chassis stripped of components, then scraped, cleaned, ground-back.   
    Chemical clean and comprehensive bead-blast stripped the chassis to bare metal.
   This process revealed plenty of areas for detailed attention....
   Grinding off old welds and preparing surfaces for areas to be modified, filled and finished - Clem at work.
    Grind, weld, finish - comprehensive coverage of all stress areas.
   Some detailed and seam-weldds 
    Chassis repairs, modifications and additions - some of Glenn's masterful mods
    Fabricating and fitting new engine mounts
      When a forklift serves as a rotiserrie   - Clem accessing every nook and cranny.