* Clutch Rebuild

   THE GROUP-A  5-LITRE ENGINE selected for Project Nagari, comes with a heavy-duty double-plate clutch.
   As part of the modifications for the original concept and showcar version, we converted the original
   design to a heavy-duty hydraulic actuation to provide  superior operation  and service access in the
   confined spaces available.
   As noted elsewhere, the car was unfortunately housed in a factory site which caught fire. When the fire
   brigade broke into the building they injected high-pressure water which swamped everything in its path
   - including Project Nagari. Water penetrated every nook and cranny and filled the bellhousing and clutch
   assembly. By the time the car was extracted, cleaned-up and systematically dismantled, the clutch
   assembly had turned to rust.
  The photos below tell the story - of the sorry state of the clutch status on strip-down and the complete
  restoration job performed by Warringah Brake and Clutch Centre. But more than a strip-down, WB&CC
  had to 'invent' a new clutch assembly. A collision of unfortunate issues caused this - the original clutch
  assembly is no longer made and a number of after-market replacements were incompatible with the
  special hydraulic clutch our engineering team had installed.
  Warringah Brake and Clutch Centre not only had to locate a suitable clutch plate and have a pressure
  plate and adaptor ring machined to match, but they had to locate the rather special bearing pack used
  in the hydraulic assembly, machine and fit this and integrate the entire assembly into a compatible
  package. Exacerbating the problem was the fact that much of the work had to be done by 'remote
  control' as the engine/bellhousing assembly was not available on-site due to other commitments, and
  the suppliers of some of the components were located interstate, making communication of sensitive
  and finite measurements very difficult.
  WB&CC probably set some sort of record for air-freighting parts around the countryside during the
  intensive problem-solving project, but despite innumerable setbacks,  the Wood Family, which runs
  WB&CC,  persisted until a simple and elegant solution was found. The result is a well-engineered
  custom solution that satisfies all the Project objectives.
  This is a classic case of a professional family-oriented business, well established with extensive
  experience in all-areas of clutch and brake work including individual, unusual and custom solutions.
  WB&CC is also agent for some of the best-reputed brands such as Exedy.
  Warringah Brake and Clutch Centre
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     Water damage to clutch components including pressure plate and hydrualic slave. Nothing escaped.
    Custom-developed clutch assembly solution by Warringah Brake & Clutch Centre
    Hydraulic clutch slave was machined and re-built with new bearing to provide the optimum throw
     Package included re-machined and fully-balanced flywheel. Timing locations were colour-coded.                                                                                                   
  Warringah Brake and Clutch Centre
  9-13 Warringah Road Brookvale NSW 2100.
  Ph: 61-2-9938 3055  Fax: 61-2-9905 5961