Nagari - The Team

    PROJECT NAGARI has assembled a team of Professionals to design, develop,
   execute and manage the Project.
   With a combined experience of more than 100 automotive years, the Project Nagari Team has been involved
   in the concept, design, construction and marketing of scores of vehicles - ranging from showcars/concept
   cars to race and rally cars, and Limited Edition Specials for Vehicle Manufacturers.
   While a great deal of experience was gained building our own Projects, Road and Race machines, team member
   expertise has involved contractual work with many of the world's leading automotive manufacturers, plus a
   host of other industries and companies including automotive after-market specialists, publishing companies,
   marketing, promotion and advertising agencies.
   A wide variety of machinery has been developed through this process....
  •    Manufacturer Specials - Limited Edition specially-modified 'packages'.
  •    Concept Cars and Showcars
  •    Promotional, Marketing and Advertising Vehicles - including give-aways
  •    Race & Rally cars
   This is our Team, their backgrounds and some of the projects they have produced....
      Rob Luck                              Glenn Goldfinch                      Nathan Luck                             Wayne Draper
       Sam Luck                               Warren Findlay                    Jack Luck           
  •      Rob Luck -  Program Concept
  •      Glenn Goldfinch - Engineer
  •      Nathan Luck - Program Manager
  •      Wayne Draper - Designer
  •      Sam Luck - Operations
  •      Warren Findlay - Composites
  •      Jack Luck - Sourcing
    Rob conceived the idea of reviving the Nagari in 1985 and developed and produced the
    remarkable concept/showcar which wowed showgoers at International Motor Shows
    for several years. It was Rob's 'vision' that led to the latest iteration - a fully road-legal
    version which is the subject of this Project.
    Rob has been one of the country's leading showcar builders for 30 years and has
    produced more than 20 special-build cars for Car Manufacturers, Automotive
    After-market companies, and Publishing & Marketing organisations. He also built
    a half-dozen cars for his own Publications, most of which were given away in prize
    Rob's clients have included Lamborghini, Ford Motor Company, Alfa Romeo, Toyota,
    BMW,  Mercedes, Nissan, Honda, Subaru, Volkswagen, Recaro, MoMo, Mason Stewart
    Publishing, Road & Track International, Idaps People, Off-Road Publishing, Overlander,
    and numerous race teams. Rob is a former Manager of Frank Matich Racing, one of 
    Australia's most successful racing drivers and car constructors.
    Rob's Special Vehicles have featured in Newspapers and Magazines plus National TV
    Programs ranging from News/Current Affairs to 'Future' programs such as
    'Beyond 2000'.
    Some of his notable Projects are featured in our PREVIOUS PROJECTS section.
    Rob Luck has been a leading Automotive Editor and Publisher for more than three
    decades achieving many publishing breakthroughs and circulation records on
    publications such as Wheels, Motor, Sports Car World, Racing Car News, Overlander
    and others and produced his own market leading titles for many years.
    Rob also co-developed Australia's first 5th Wheel, conceived, produced and
    directed automotive TV specials (including Car of the Year), developed the first
    'Road Tests on Disc' , commentated on motoring and motorsports for TV and Radio,
    ran a successful Marketing Business with iconic national brand clients, developed
    and coached Advanced Driving techniques, operated the Asia-Pacific arm of
    Car of the Century (developing many marketing tools), and was a prime-mover in
    the export of Australian Classic Fords into the American collectable market - with
    clients including the Ford Motor Company (Ford 100 Year Anniversary vehicles).
    Rob's experience in conceiving and developing PROJECT VEHICLES  provides an
    over-arching support for The Team while his exemplary experience in Marketing,
    Publishing, Advertising, Promotion as well as print and electronic media production
    ensures that the Project and all the participants get the recognition they deserve.
   Glenn is a Career Engineer in Mechanical Engineering with a massive
   level of hands-on experience in a wide range of industries from electronics to
   automotive. An indication of the breadth of his experience can be gauged from the
   fact he is currently involved in engineering major under-sea cable-laying projects
   in regions from the Red Sea and  Persian Gulf to Singapore and Southern Australia
   Glenn has designed and built his own race vehicles from Go-karts to Off-Road Buggies,
   utilising his fundamental skills and lateral-think approach to produce race-winning
   projectiles, regardless of category.
   Glenn is currently rebuilding not one, but two Buckle Coupes which he owns (this
   means he has acquired about 1/11 of all Buckle Coupes ever produced ! ).
   Glenn's expertise with Project  Nagari extends from engineering conceptualising right
   through the gamut of CAD-drawing, component design and manufacture,  to precision
   assembly and testing.
   It is Glenn's lateral-think approach that has enabled the team to avoid many pitfalls
   and roadblocks and progress the Project without costly and time-consuming backtracking
   and remakes. This 'Do it once, do it right' philosophy has enabled us to engineer into the
   Project, not only a solid package but the very best in modern and advanced equipment.
   And also to realise our objective to produce an ultimate 'Street Elite' machine - road legal
   but produced to show-car standards. 
   Glenn's goal throughout the Project was to integrate the Team's objectives into an
   efficient, practical and robust design, capable of delivering stunning performance, driver
   comfort and convenient access for routine servicing. A car that is a joy to drive and a
   pleasure to own.
   You can read about some of Glenn's management of the specific areas of the Project in the
  Nathan's broad range of talents and experience brings a unique level of expertise to
  Project Nagari.  His distinguished career in Automotive Publishing ranges from general
  automotive to Street Specialty where his coalface experience with enthusiasts enabled him
  to create entirely new directions and trends for this fast-evolving industry sector.
  Nathan pioneered many new techniques in Specialty Automotive Publications including the
  complete integration of print and digital publishing - developed from his special experience
  in the electronic media including Video production, Television programming and production,
  and Internet development.
  Nathan has also produced a wide range of special vehicles designed for go and show, some
  'bonused' to major publishing houses as promotional vehicles and give-aways.
  Actively involved in Project Nagari from the early days, his current focus is on component
  and supplier origination, marketing programs and project finessing.
  Wayne is a leading autmotive designer who was a key figure in the development of groundbreaking
  vehicles for Ford and Nissan.
  Far too energetic and far-sighted to get stuck in an Automotive Design Bureaucracy, Wayne quickly
  moved to develop his own independent Automotive Design and Construction business. For
  several decades he has been a prime mover in the Automotive After-Market with activities ranging
  from the development and continued evolution of the Phase and HO series of vehicles and
  components to the development of the RMIT Automotive Design College.
  Wayne's visionary design talent visualised a modern day Bolwell sports and converted it into the reality
  that is Project Nagari. Quite remarkable when you consider this Modern Retro design preceded all the
  famous offerings of the major Car Companies and Design Houses.
  A detailed breakdown of Wayne Draper's background, involvement and current business can be found
   Sam first appeared in the Luck Family Workshops at aged 14, where he took an active role in the Research
   & Development Program for the famous Topgun Portable Powered Silicone Gun - a device which has changed
   the face of industries such as Building & Construction, Civil Engineering,  Mining and many others.
   Sam's workbench experience led to the development of many aspects of the initial Patented product and
   its many subsequent improvement and iterations - and his involvement has continued to this day as
   Operations Manager for the business.
   Sam has also moved on to acquire a double-degree in Arts and Science and has applied some of his focus
   studies to other areas of the business such as Supply Chain Logistics, for which he developed, wrote and
   installed dedicated management programs.
   Apart from day-to-day involvement in the hands-on aspects of Project Nagari, Sam works on critical areas
   such as component evaluation and sourcing and liaison with the many experts involved in individual aspects
   of the program.
   Warren is our 'Nomadic' Composites Guru and is responsible for working with our Team on the development
   and construction of special aspects of the Project. You can see details of his handiwork in Project areas such
   as the development of the Concealed Hydraulics Enclosure in our PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT section.
   Warren's main 'Office' is his car and he just loves to be on the road, moving from assignment to assignment -
   hence the term 'Nomad'.  This kind of background has led him into the most varied and challenging
   composite construction roles imaginable - from making models and sets for movies to creating gigantic
   promotional tools, such as life-sized, articulated sharks for aquariums.
   But his real love (after surfing and 'missile' skateboards) is automobiles and Project Nagari is his favourite.
   Warren is an imaginative and creative member of our Team, an instinctive collaborator with creator, designer,
   or engineer with a 'can-do' attitude that ensures nothing is impossible in the development of the special
   structures required to set Project Nagari apart.
  Jack is our  'Operater At Large' preferring to be out there in the marketplace scouring the industry for new
  products and applications, deal-making and setting up sources and supply of new goods and services.  When
  he is not 'on the road' he is a diligent and willing workshop operator, capable of working collaboratively with
  all our team members, while contributing thoughtful insights into the process.

o        The Ford Motor Company ( Bronco Targa Muscle SUV, 100th Anniversary Falcon-Detroit)

o        Toyota (MR2-F40 & Others)

o        BMW (Numerous vehicles)

o        Alfa Romeo (Nightrider Showcar and Limited Edition Production Derivative)

o        Mitsubishi (Scorpion Twin-Targa Turbo)

o        Playboy Magazine  (Suzuki Turbo, Project ProAm Racing)

o        Recaro ( Recaro Golf, Recaro Mystere and others)

o        The ToyShop (Lamborghini Countach Racecar)

o        Nissan Motor Company (Project 300ZX)

o        Lamborghini Australia (Project Targa Tasmania - Lamborghini Diablo Tarmac Rallycar)

o        Honda (Project Honda Aero Bike, Project CRX, Project NSX)

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