Build Gallery

                                                                    Here's the scoop on the Nagari - Under Construction: progressive pics of the build process.
                                                                    This section features the unique equipment inclusions, systematic engineering approach &
                                                                    quality product, fit & fitments. The Build Gallery is updated as the project progresses.
BODY CRADLE-LIFT was the first priority.
Is this the ideal car construction workshop?
Glenn's pristine purpose-built shed...
 With the body off, chassis stripping followed.
Entire chassis was re-shaped and re-welded including ...      
Construction pre-planning included chassis re-design to 
New fitments like engine mounts were designed & built ...
This is the Goldfinch-designed system.
...was the perfect place to test the
cradle-lift. Job1 took just 25 minutes.
 Then hours of grinding, trimming, prepping.
...seam-welding, stitching in new sections etc.
accomodate new tech incl trans, exhausts, steer etc.
then tested with numerous driveline test-installations.