Tools & Equipment

  GETTING the body off a Nagari - in fact almost any custom car - is a nightmare. Not any more....
  LIFTING  a body on and off a chassis is one of the worst jobs in car construction. Yet it is also one of the most vital chores.
  Bolwell car enthusiasts reported average removal times ranging from a half to a full day. And requiring 4 or more burly
  blokes to do the job.
   Clearly the development of Project Nagari would mean numerous body movements. And in a workshop that was set-up to
   be largely operated by one or two people, big tasks like that were going to become major roadblocks. So the first 'tool' in
   our modification workshop was a lifting cradle.
   This was designed and built by our Project Engineer, Glenn Goldfinch. The photos clearly show how effectively it lifts and
   moves the body, but the real story is told on the stopwatch - an entire set-up and lifting operation can be performed
   in under 30 minutes.
   Some of the key features....
  •    An evenly-balanced A-arm, centrally-lifted by any suitable device.
  •    Two vertical a-Arms that can be attached with just four bolts.
  •    Horizontal spars, curved to the underbody profile and fully-adjustable on sliding spars
  •    Padding for the contact spars so that even mint paintwork won't be damaged.
  •    Light overall weight for ease of handling and lifting.
  •    Optional bolt-on wheel-sets to allow the body to be mobilised once removed
   The entire cradle can be dismantled and transported in a small trailer so that lifting chores can be performed anywhere.
   Similarly the cradle can be accomodated on the same car trailer that is shifting the car.
   Lifting can be performed with a hand-operated chain-winch which is also easily transportable.
   Only sufficient height for the body to clear the chassis is required  - suitable for relatively low clearances.
   Given suitable overhead hardware the body can be lifted and moved in any direction.
   A part of our integrated lifting kit is a an I-beam  mounted on A-frames that will carry a standard trundle, allowing the
   chain-winch to lift the body and place it alongside the chassis.
   We've performed lifts in numerous workshops and other locations (including outdoors) utilising either the A-frame
   (it's on lockable wheels too) or overhead frames, beams, gantries or other suitable device.
   The 'Goldfinch Lift' can be set-up to lift at a slight angle, so that the body comes cleanly off the chassis without binding.
   It has arguably saved us hundreds of hours already and will continue to provide service throughout the life of the Project.
   It is the best thing since the invention of the hydraulic jack.
        Assembling the Goldfinch Cradle and installing to the body in a low-clearance workshop.
            Performing body lifts in a variety of locations including Glen Goldfinch's sanitary 'Shed' (at right).
           The portable gantry - wide enough to lift and place the body alongside.  Rotating the body in 'The Shed' (right).
            The optional dolly wheels for mobilising the body, complete with its cradle, once removed from the chassis.      
         Arguably the best trailer on the market, our 7x4 box is just one in a massive range of quality trailers
         made by AusTrailers of Moorebank, Sydney.                                                     
       FETCHING 'STUFF' is an interminable part of any major car project. Apart from a car trailer, we needed a
       practical box trailer that could instantly be hooked to any towmaster and used to transport componentry
       to and from wherever.
       We purchased this unit fromn AusTrailers at Moorebank Sydney because it was the best designed, best
       made and best finished we could find in the marketplace. On top of that the price was good. Major points
       that distinguish this trailer include...
  •        Fully-folded sides, good height, excellent frame integration.
  •        Reinforced guards with triangulated integrated side-steps.
  •        Big diameter tubing, rails and fixing points all-round.
  •        Heavy duty road components, axles, wheels, springs, the lot
  •        Clear internal loadspace, excellent tailgate and closures.
  •        Quality paint, fitment and fittings, lights and cabling.
  •        Outstanding finish - down to capped-and-plugged tube-ends.
           We didn't have to add much - our own high-capacity demountable tie-down rings inside and outside
           the body - passivated to prevent corrosion. Plus some handling options and security (jockey and spare 
           wheel).  And a GeoTex heavy-duty liner to protect both the trailer and the valuable contents it carries.
           This unit tows like a goods train, handles big loads and doesn't bounce or pitch when empty.
           Highly recommended.
            AusTrailers  - a family-owned business with 20+ years experience - are a licensed manufacturer and retailer
            complying with the Motor Vehicles Standard Act 1989 and Australian Design Rules
            They also manufacture tandems, tipping trailers, vehicle carriers, enclosed trailers, custom-built solutions
            and a wide range of practical accessories. Their products are fully warranted.
          4 Bridges Road, Moorebank NSW 2170
          Phone: 61-2-9601 7499  fax: 61-2-9601 7299
            Other Branches:
            Campbelltown, NSW: Phone: 1300 793 661
            Clontarf, Qld: 61-7 3284 8911                                              
           How cool are these? Lightweight, strong, low-profile ramps designed for low-clearance machinery.
           With Project Nagari, we already have a problem getting even ultra-low-profile hydraulic workshop
           jacks under the low chassis. So these Exceed ramps were just the trick. Just roll or drive the car onto
           the ramps and you can easily get a jack underneath.
           Also ideal for difficult entrances, setting-up for shows, displaying the car anywhere.
           You can see from the pics just how flexible they are. Each ramp is in two parts - a ramp and a
           scalloped stand. The parts interlock at either end, so you can run the car up one-side, remove the
           ramps and insert them on the other end and roll off the other side.
           Also remove the ramps altogether to get them out of the way.
           A neat feature is a flat primary or leader that allows the tyre to be engaged with the ramp before it
           has to climb the slope. This helps to stop the ramps for slipping.
           The Exceed Ramps are made from impact-resistant polypropylene and rated to 1300kg, yet they are
          extremely light and compact and can easily be carried and stored (in the boot for example).
           The standard pack consists of two ramps and two stands or 'bases'. But you can order extra
           ramps for drive-on drive-off situations..
           Dimensions: 850mm x 200mm x 65mm
           There are nine colours - black, red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, purple, pink.
           Probably the best $115 we have spent on a workshop assistant. And it doesn't answer back !
            Exceed Parts & Service
          Tom Melling
          Phone: 61-409 535 806                                   
            Email:   Web:
           PROJECT NAGARI DRILL-PRESS                 
             DRILL-PRESS - BEFORE:  Our esteemed Engineer found this little charmer on the Internet and
                                                    acquired it for a song. Good solid basic design made it ideal as a
                                                    'mini-restoration' Project to entertain our 'apprentice' between more
                                                    serious tasks.
             DRILL-PRESS AFTER:   A back-to-bare-metal prep job followed by fill-n-prime, flowcoat finish,
                                                plus restoration of brasswork, electricals, belt-drive and installation of a new
                                                'back-to-the-future' chuck-retractor system. Now a workshop showpiece.                                           
              Some of our favourites....
              LABOUR-SAVING DEVICES - our lightweight , low-profile alloy Jack, and range of Jack-stands
              engine-stand etc. Anything that stands still long-enough is back-to-metal restored!   
             EVERY COMPONENT is weighed and recorded.   Sleeved sockets prevent wheel damage.