Halo Suppliers

  PROJECT NAGARI has sought out and contracted the Premier Suppliers in each field - The Best of the Best.
  These Suppliers produce workmanship that is accepted as the ultimate for their respective fields.
  More than that, they are highly respected by their peers, by leading Project Car Builders and by the
  independent experts in the relevant industries.
  They are the suppliers that are prepared to go the extra distance to achieve the ultimate.
  These companies and individuals have a 'halo' or aura that has elevated them to Hero status in the Industry.
  We have no hesitation in recommending these companies and individuals - all are our 'Platinum' Suppliers...
    ARGUABLY Australia's leading composites manufacturer, Bolwell supplies componentry to transport, defence,
    aerospace and construction industires through a wide range of disciplines, services, materials and products.
    Bolwell also conceived, designed and produced the game-changing Bolwell RV 'caravan', now in production.
    Of course, Bolwell is the 'father' of the Nagari sportscar and was the ideal choice to produce the GRP platform
    that forms the basis of the groundbreaking modern-retro concept that is Project Nagari.
    We can strongly recommend Bolwell Corporation for all your composites needs - from conceptualising and
    design to manufacture including GRP, urethane and vacuum forming.
     Bolwell Corporation Pty Ltd
    Head Office: 37 Wells Road, Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia
    Phone: 61-3-8586 5500  Fax: 61-3-8586 5555
     Email: info@bolwell.com.au   Web: www.bolwell.com.au





    ROAD, race, classic, collectible, restoration - you name the Project, RS are the engine professionals. With decades
    of experience and a formidable arsenal of workshop equipment, no task is out of range for this one-stop-shop
    with a reputation that is the envy of the industry.
    Faced with a major engine rebuild of our Group A 304 V8, we selected Reconditioning Services for their comprehensive
    approach to engine project-engineering. Job appraisal, strip-down and measurement is methodical with all manufacturer
    specifications available on-site. All relevants components are logged, stripped and prepped. The regime for component
    machining, replacement sourcing and matching, precision assembly and quality control is exemplary. Clearly, ER also
    enjoys an unparalleled reputation with component suppliers, frequently with same-day delivery  service.
    Most-impressive in this hands-on family-based business is the personal service of the proprietors Tony and Joe and the
    enthusiastic support of their integrated engine servicing team. Clear scoping of the work in advance and excellent
    communication throughout the project provides the customer with a confidence level that is only matched by the
    surprisingly reasonable account for services at the conclusion of the project.
    It is difficult to imagine a more painless service for what can be an agonisingly difficult process. You can ship your prized
    project to this team with confidence from anywhere in Oz.
     Reconditioning Services
    Unit 1, 28-30 Hamstead Road, Auburn NSW 2144
    Phone: 61-2-9748 2422 and 9748 3222,  Fax: 61-2-9748 2811
     Email: tony@recoservices.com.au         Web: www.enginerecoservices.com
    YOU CAN pump all the power you like into an engine, but if it doesn't breathe, you will choke it to death.
    PACEMAKER HEADERS have turned exhaust extraction into an art form over 25 years of servicing the discriminating 
    automotive engine engineering market in Australia.
    Their signature 'blue' headers are an endorsement of quality design, engineering and production that has made the
    company, literally, the 'pacemaker' in this challenging and demanding field.
    Among the many 'firsts' initiated by Pacemaker are the first mandrel-formed pipes and of course the famous 
    'Pipe-over-Cone' joining technique that eliminates turbulence, extracts maximum flow and extends product life.
    Aviation-bred shot-peening final finishing ensures the ultimate quality and  finish in this outstanding 
    engineering product. 'Founding father' Keith Turner still overseas every detail of production and marketing.
    PACEMAKER also produces a comprehensive range of quality exhaust products (including mufflers) to suit most
    vehicles on the road. In the case of our Project vehicle, we were able to select from a range of 'pipes' to suit our
    VN Group A engine. This ensured we were able to obtain the closest match to our installation requirements.
    PACEMAKER'S cutting-edge factory and head-office in South Australia is supported by nation-wide distributors who
    are trained in all the fine detail of the product. In our case we liaised with the team at Pace Exhaust Distributors
    in Sydney, NSW with David Jupp and Adrian King providing not only factory-backed support, but on-site
    consultation service.
    Our installation program was managed by Chris Myles at Best Mufflers in Carlton, Sydney. Chris and his team
    including installation 'artist' Steve, created a completely integrated exhaust solution from cylinder head to tailpipe,
    utilising Pacemaker headers  and Pacemaker Muffler components.
     Pacemaker Headers
    6 Reese Avenue, Richmond S.A. 5033
    Phone: 61-8-8352 6488 Fax: 61-8-8443 5131
     Web: www.pacemaker.com.au 
    Pace Exhaust Distributors
   2/9 Plasser Crescent, St Marys NSW 2970
   Phone: 61-2-9623 2480       
    Best Mufflers
   69 Planthurst Road Carlton, NSW 2218
   Phone: 61-2-9547 3511  Fax: 61-2-9547 3522
    HOMOLOGATED OPTIONS is perhaps the leading independent autmotive composites specialist in Australia. Proprietor Wayne
    Draper has a distinguished 30-year history in a business that covers product development disiplines from concept to design
    and manufacturing. With manufacturer clients from Ford to Nissan and Raceteams from Allan Moffat to Marcus Ambrose, there
    is an impressive history of experience at the cutting edge of automotive design.
    Wayne and his expert team including Modeller Paul Kucera, re-crafted the original Nagari body into a modern-retro design
    utulising clay-modelling to create and perfect the shape. A series of custom GRP moulds then enabled the new concept to
    be transmutted into the final production GRP product you see here. There are detailed analyses of HO and the Project in other
    sections of this site. Suffice it to say, that HO is a comprehensive integrated workshop that can meet the needs of the most
    fastidious enthusiast - from recrafting an existing shape or developing aerodynamic packages to  conceiving, creating and
    constructing entire bodies. These capabilities are equally applicable for classic and collectable vehicles through to modern
    production roadcars.
   Rob Draper
  •     RETRO HO


   PROJECT car builders around the world know that one of the most dificult tasks is getting high
   quality finishes on cast-alloy components. Industry reaction tends to vary from 'can't be done'
   to 'just sign over your life savings'. So finding a company that not only has a process, but gets
   exceptional results is a major coup. That company is Competition Coatings.
   WHEN your competitors say they can't match your workmanshipo and your customers say they
   can't fault your performance, you must be doing something right. In this case, it is quite simply
   the best coating/surfacing service available in the country.
   We had some rather specialised tasks to perform on Project Nagari to get the quality of finish
   suitable for presenting on a leading showcar. We short-circuited a painful search for perfection
   and went straight to this organisation.  Not only is their level of ceramic and performance coatings
   legendary, the enthusiastic and personable service makes it a pleasure to work with this team.
   The range of services covers Ceramic Barrier coating, Dry and Solid Film lubricants, Thermal Dispersants,
   and Barriers, Black Ceramic and Teflon Coatings, Decorative, Translucent and Metallic Ceramic Coatings.
   You only have to look at the before/after shots of our Group A inlet manifold to get an appreciation of
   the quality of the work and the attention to detail. More than just a fine finish, this coating is tough and
   durable and reduces heat radiation by as much as 60percent, improving engine room ambience as well
   as performance.
   We aren't finished with these boys yet  - and will be back to add their finishes to various other parts
   of the project.
    10 Ferndell St Granville NSW 2161
    Phone: 61-2-9892 2218  Fax: 61-2-9892 1347
     Email: compcoat@optusnet.com.au    Web: wwww.competitioncoatings.com



   THIS is one for Bolwell enthusiasts everywhere. And 'everywhere' is Australia-wide and world-wide (there are records of
   Bolwells on most continents).
   Repairing or replacing GRP (fibreglass) is one of the most difficult and challenging tasks with GRP cars in general and
   Bolwells in particular.  But we found the best place to start is with original panels or parts.  The good news is that
   the Bolwell Car Club of Victoria has the original moulds and can produce most components Bolwell enthusiasts could
   want - and for reasonable cost. . That includes everything from a small part to an entire body. So even if your machine
   is totally destroyed (accident, fire etc.). you can confidently rebuild with original components.
   An important consideration here is partial component availability. Specifically you can order a section out of a panel
   that you need to replace. This is particularly helpful (ease and lower cost) for smaller repairs.
   In our case, we wanted to develop a new  and integrated panel to conceal our unique steering/pedal development.
   Rather than try to fabricate panels to match the original design, we ordered an under-bonnet section from the BCCA Vic.
   Our fibreglasser then installed this as part of the original body shape, and after glassing it into position, we were
   able to easily modify and customise it to our requirements.
   This sort of modification is a common requirement for restorers and rebuilders as well as repairers, as there are lots
   of variables in custom vehicle production with 'no two cars the same'.
   Our experience with the BCCA Vic was exemplary - Club Expert Don Elliott quickly identified the relevent component area,
   emailed us description and illustration to confirm our requirements, and quickly manufactured the required component
   from the original moulds. A few days later we received the part in the mail and had it expertly installed. You can see the
   stunning results elsewhere on this website in the relevant modification area.
   PRESIDENT: RON McPherson 61-3-9762 6617
   VICE PRESIDENT: Alan Harmer  Phone: 61-418 327 162
   RMB 6315 Merricks North Vic Australia 3926
   Phone: 61-3-5989 7296  Fax: 61-3-5989 7576
Email: info@dhenterprises.com.au      Web: www.dhenterprises.com.au