* Engineering

  QUALITY ENGINEERING  was the first priority of Project Nagari.
  Ensuring imaginative design and innovative concepts were grounded in solid engineering, the team recruited
  Glenn Goldfinch to mastermind the technical aspects.
  While Glenn's qualifications and experience are impressive, the qualities that place this engineer on another
  level are his conceptualising talent, holistic approach, methodical pre-planning and attention to engineering
  A clear example of this was one of Glenn's essential program anchor-points - the initial development of a
  sophisitcated yet fully portable quick-action Cradle for lifting the Nagari body from the chassis. Glenn's
  custom-designed cradle, not only enables the body to be completely uncoupled from the chassis and lifted
  aside in as little as 15 minutes, but is adapted with optional pneumatic wheels so the body can be fully
  mobilised to any location for separate handling. (See the full details in the TOOLS & EQUIPMENT tab under
  Nagari Partners.
   Glenn Goldfinch in action competing in his self-designed
   and built buggy at Amaroo Park.
  Our team also looked to his wealth of hands-on experience in designing and building a wide range of vehicles
  from go-karts to off-road buggies and restoring road vehicles including kit cars and custom cars such as Bolwells.
  Glenn himself owns an interesting variety of machinery including a Buckle Coupe he has under restoration - one of
  only 15 original examples in the world.
  This Project is preoccupied with developing a fully road-legal road-registered vehicle out of the original
  concept car/showcar. This involved a new ground-up approach to the engineering package to ensure it not only
  met its performance objectives, but evolved as a user-friendly 'daily driver'. 
  Critical area of attention included...
    * Complete chassis workover to ensure compliance, strength and safety with advanced dynamics for optimum
       ride/handling, steering and braking.
    * Re-engineered engine and drivetrain placement, mounting points, and delivery of ancilliaries and services.
    * Unique steering and braking hardware package including electric-power-steering configuration in
      self-contained module.
    * Development of integrated solutions for brake ancilliary hardware, service lines, and control platform
    * Provision for re-design and re-location of exhaust system for improved effieincy and heat reduction.
    * Upgrading of all relevant hardware for road applications.
    * Re-design of seating system and location.
    * Integrated vehicle engineering to achieve correct fore-aft and side-side weight balance.
  Integration of some of the most advanced Vehicle Safety, Monitoring and performance Equipment
  available on the planet, was a primary objective. This includes items such as ROPS (Rollover
  Protection System), Electric Power Steering, TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) and many other
  world-class innovations.

 Details of these engineering approaches, features and items are covered in relevant Project Development
 pages, but the examples below give an indication of the attention to detail, the novelty and originality of
 solutions, and the quality of the individual end-products achieved through this process.      
   CUSTOM DESIGNED-AND-BUILT INTEGRATED UNDER-DASH STEERING AND PEDAL CRADLE                                                                                                                 
   PHOTOS above show the custom-designed and fully-fabricated cradle designed to bolt directly into the
   existing and unmodified driver's footwell/firewall to accomodate all steering and pedal componentry.
   Cradle is shown complete, passivated on left and installed with master-cylinders attached to show
   position of braking componentry. See our Project Development section for more detail.
   PHOTOS above show the complete steering cradle in a mock-up mount with electric power-steering
   assembly, pedal housing, master cylinders and pedals partially installed.
     FRONT view of the complete steering and brake cradle assembly with MoMo steering wheel
     and MoMo competition pedal set installed. The cradle is bolted into the bodywork with location
     points at front and both sides including an extension arm that reinforces the installation utilising
     the centre fiorewall.             
    Steering and Pedal Hardware Supplier:
    Auto-Tek Pty. Ltd.
    1/39 Barrie Rd., Tullamarine Victoria, Australia 3043
    Ph: 61-3-9330 4443  Fax: 61-3-9330 4343
    Email: paul@autotek.com.au    Web: www.autotek.com.au