Nagari Partners


 Project Nagari is proud to announce Partnerships with these leading companies, organisations and 
 personnel who have made an outstanding contribution to the Project and form an integral part of 
 the concept and success of this Project. 

 The Principals of Project Nagari have no hesitation in recommending the following parties for all 
 aspects of automotive work.

 Homologated Options  Body Design  Rob Draper  Design Team
 Karl Helene              Body Crafting        
Goldfinch Engineering   Engineering

 Glenn Goldfinch Partners, Tools
 Jae-Sik Chong              Chassis Modifications      
 Warren Findlay, Mike Henry     Composite Modifications      Enclosure
 General Motor's Holdens  (GMH)  Drivetrain (Group A)          
 Bolwell Corporation      Composite Body Panels   Campbell Bolwell          
 Bolwell Car Club Victoria  Composite Body Panels  Don Elliott Enclosure
 Reconditioning Services  Engine Modifications  Tony SAAB Engine Rebuild
 Nason Engine Parts  Engine Components   Engine Rebuild
 Automotive Components Ltd  (ACL)  Engine Components   Engine Rebuild
 Pacemaker Headers    Exhaust Headers & Components          08 8352 6488 Headers
 Pace Exhaust Distributors      Exhaust Headers & Components David Jupp, Adrian King (02) 88255099 Exhaust Components

 BEST Mufflers         Total Integrated Exhaust System     Chris Myles
02 9547 3511 
Exhaust Engineering
 Auto-Tek  Steering & Pedal Components/MoMo  Paul Roman Engineering
 Competition Coatings  Heat-proof coatings  John  Taylor Engine Rebuild
 Exceed Parts Service      Low-Profile Ramps  Tom Melling Tools&Equipment
 AusTrailers  Transport  Tanja & Jon Tools&Equipment
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   Project Nagari also wishes to acknowledge the contributions in componentry, support, services and facilities from the following...
  • Warringah Brake and Clutch Centre
  • Maurice Auto Repairs at Meadowbank Sydney Ph 9808 1100
  • John Dickson - Bolwell Car Club
  • Graham Nichols - Bolwell Car Club
  • Bill O'Neill - Financial Services
  • Harrop Engineering - brake components
  • MOTEC - engine management and induction systems
  • ICI - Finishes
  • Connolly Leather - Upholstery & Trim
  • Speedy Wheels - WIP Alloy wheels
  • Goodyear - Tyres
  • DeCarbon - shock absorbers
  • Detroit Locker - differential