About Project Nagari

   PROJECT NAGARI is an advanced project to develop an ultimate Retro Supercar.
   The donor car or vehicle origin is the Australian Bolwell Nagari sportscar produced by the Bolwell Brothers in turnkey spec from 
   1969 to 1974. The car was forced out of production by the advent of the Australian Design Rules (ADRs) but had already
   established itself as an iconic sportscar with outstanding performance (due to ground-breaking  power-to-weight ratio) and 
   ahead-of-its-time styling.

   In the late 1980s, Magazine Publisher Rob Luck had a vision to revive the famous marque. Rob had played a pivotal role in the 
   development of the Nagari - he persuaded Campbell Bolwell to convert from straight-six to V8 power and then sourced Ford V8 
   engines for the new (appropriately coded) Mk8 Series, which was eventually launched under the Nagari* nameplate.

   Rob's Family took up the  challenge as a Family Project and began assembling the resources and personnel required for such an 
   advanced and ambitious project. The result was an epic Project to develop the vehicle to Concept Car/Showcar standard.
   The outcome was one of the planet's first retro-supercars with stunning world-standard engineering, specifications and 
   performance, in a completely re-crafted and breathtakingly beautiful body. By the mid-90s, the car was a favourite on the 
   National and International Motor Show Circuit and had proved its supercar status in independent testing.

   Now the vehicle is being re-developed as a full road-registered street-legal Supercar. This website is the story of the current
   Project and will trace the development, engineering, technology and performance of this born-again automotive  legend.
   Including the people, products and companies that have made this outstanding Project possible.
   The site will also pay tribute to some of the marque's great history and provide a platform for information about many other 
   aspects of the Nagari evolution.
   Strictly Limited Edition Production versions are under consideration due to current interest.

   *Nagari - see the fascinating page on the origins of this name at NAGARI-THE NAME.