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Prof. Mike Bennett

Sharks and rays specialist, The University of Queensland

Associate professor Bennett's current research is in vertebrate biomechanics and fish biology. Biomechanical and functional morphological studies include analyses of avian, marsupial and human locomotion. Other studies include ontogenetic analyses of musculoskeletal development in birds with different growth strategies and the functional morphology of avian claws, particularly in relation to foraging behaviour and early bird evolution. I am involved in a number of collaborative projects investigating the mechanics of marsupial locomotion, and vertebrate soft connective tissue and mineralised tissue biomechanics. Research involving fishes focus on the biology of sharks and rays of Moreton Bay and the southern Great Barrier Reef. My research group is studying the biology of a large number of species, including, but not limited to whaler sharks, wobbegong and carpet sharks, grey nurse sharks, sawfishes and rays (manta, eagle, estuary, and mask rays). Our research spans population biology, feeding ecology, stress physiology, reproduction, parasitology, genetics, fisheries, growth and aging, and mechanics. I am also involved in a collaborative studies on the morphology, behaviour and physiology of a biomodal, air-breathing fishes (tarpon. Australian lungfish). Our laboratory has collaborative links with researchers from across Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, South Africa, the USA and the UK.