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Dr Kathy Townsend

Marine Biologist, The University of Queensland

Born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Dr Kathy Townsend did a year of undergraduate study at the University of Calgary before immigrating to Australia to complete her undergraduate, Honours and PhD at The University of Queensland in Brisbane.  Dr Townsend is a marine ecologist with eclectic professional interests, which include manta ray biology, mudskipper ecology, coral reef ecology, shark reproduction, impact of ingested rubbish on sea turtles and human impacts on the marine environment. She is a lecturer and Manager of Research and Education at the Moreton Bay Research Station on North Stradbroke Island off of Brisbane.  
Dr Townsend has been working and living on tropical research stations for over 10 years. One of the many roles she plays within the station is as a carer to injured marine wildlife. She regularly attends to injured turtles, dugongs and stranded marine mammals.