Spring Break -- Wallops Island

 Launch Site of Icarus


During Spring Break of 2006, the Icarus team of Mike Stackpole, Ron Driggers, and Markus Zimmerman, along with Ron's parents, made a trip to Wallops Island Launch Facility in Virginia. Over the course of four days, vibration and bend testing was done on the vehicle as well as design discussions that will allow the team to launch at the end of August.

Icarus got tested

This is the payload and nosecone section on the vibration table. The payload was subjected to 18 Gs longitudinally and 6 Gs laterally. It passed with flying colors.






This is Icarus on the bend test machine.  A 50 pound force was applied to the nosecone to measure the slop in each joint.  Results of this test indicated a tightening of the transition was in order.






The rail from which Icarus will launch. To the left is Ron's father and the man in the center is our Wallops Project Manager, Dave Maltido.




  Ron and Mike with a NASA sounding rocket.



 Markus with a Black Brant third stage.