But we swear it is not really our fault 

When Icarus arrives at Wallops Flight Facility, it will need to undergo several vibration and bend tests.  These will be completed in the Environmental lab.  This lab is currently occupied by several payloads for a NASA sounding rocket campaign in Alaska.  The payloads are behind schedule due to mechanical malfuntions.  As a result, they have not left the lab, as they were supposed to do a month ago.  This means Icarus is not able to use the Environmental lab as planned during the week of December 18.

The next available time for these test is the beginning of January, during the time Icarus was anticipating launch.  It is very unlikely Icarus will manage to test and launch in the first two weeks of January, especially due to the additional complications of the delayed Minotaur launch.

Essentially - due to slips in schedules beyond our control, Icarus will not be launching in January.  The rocket will, however, complete all testing and be finished.  It will await the next available launch window, most likely spring break.