Pathfinder Test Launch

Payload System Test 


Video of Pathfinder Launch

Pathfinder launch.

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Article from The Avion, ERAU's Daytona Beach Campus Newspaper.

In December of 2005, the Icarus payload was tested on the Pathfinder Test vehicle. Built by the Icarus team for this purpose, the rocket is 90% custom composite. The greatest challenge was the diamond profile fins made from plywood, high-density foam, and carbon. The motor tube was cast from the motor case and made of fiberglass.

Pathfinder reached an altitude of 12,075 feet.  The payload test was successful, especially in regard to GPS data retrieved.  The GPS data pinpointed the location of Pathfinder and allowed for speedy recovery.  Other payload systems also were successful.

The Pathfinder launch did teach the Icarus team that the ground stations need work.  Software improvements will be made to ensure success of the ground stations at the Icarus launch.