Massive Work Weekend 1 

We really need to get this rocket done.   

Wallop Flight Facility pushed the launch date back to January 8-10, as earlier than that would require their employees to come in during the break between Christmas and New Year's.   However, this has not slackened our pace.

During the weekend of December 2-3, the Icarus team accomplished many outstanding tasks.  Among them are:

  • The completion of ground station antenna stands
  • The testing of computers to be running the ground station
  • The construction of the rocket ground transportation framework
  • The schematical completion of the Ground Support Equipment
  • The telemetry system was returned to flight status after a board upgrade.
  • The checking of actual CG and weight data against the CATIA model.  The differences were between 0.6 % and 0.8 %.
  • The readying of the sustainer fin can for shipment to Wallops.

With the completion of these tasks, Icarus is ready to go.  The major obstacle now is completing the paperwork required to launch and getting our procedures approved.

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