MADE in EU - Strategic Partnership Adult Education

The project Methodologies ADult Education in EU (MADE in EU), which is prepared by five NGOs from four EU countries (Lithuania, Italy, Poland, Greece) aims to contribute to the goals of the "Europe 2020", promoting inclusive growth and cohesive society, through the exchange of best practices, experiences, methodologies and strategies in adult education in order to propose necessary skills and constant knowledge updates for vulnerable groups. The duration for the project is foreseen for 2 years.
The result of rapid change in XXI century is that some particularly vulnerable or disadvantaged groups (long-term unemployed, immigrants, minorities, adults drop out from the labor market, unskilled, digital illiterates and people with psychological distress, etc,) are excluded from the market.
Many studies conducted at European level show that it is necessary to increase the number of adults involved in lifelong learning, in order to reduce unemployment, social exclusion, lack of confidence in themselves and in the institutions. In order to increase the number of adults involved in lifelong learning, as well as the quality of the training provided, the partners of “MADE  in EU” project  aim  to deepen and experience in their local contexts, methods and approaches, able to create interconnection between formal, non-formal and informal learning and share  best practices, concerning adult education. 
The partners will work locally to identify small "vulnerable" groups of adults excluded or de-motivated to take part in lifelong learning (target groups). Training needs of target groups will be identified in terms of key and soft skills (communication skills, digital competence; learning to learn social and civic competences, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, cultural awareness and expression).
Obstacles and reasons for which the target groups are excluded or not motivated to take part in lifelong learning will be analyzed;  best practices and innovative methods in the field of adult education will be exchanged and studied (in particular peer to peer approaches; learning by doing and the andragogical model).

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