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Full jBox setup.

jaNET on raspberry pi

jReCo's housing top.

jReCo's housing back.

jReCo modules.

New against old!

RFID reader added to jBox.

Inside of jaNET box or jBox.

Components of my new jBox! From left to right...
Light & temperature sensor module, RF 433MHz transmitter, RF 433MHz receiver, Arduino Uno. Also a motion sensor I posted few days ago.

Motion sensor module.

Motion sensor installed.

Hydra installed controlling desk lights (video).

HYDRA Prototype (Click image for more information).

Arduino Uno with temperature and ldr sensors

Wireless plug
socket set


Left circuit is the one that simulates the key press on the remote control. At the right we have the remote control itself

Assembled together including phidgets 8/8/8 micro controller.

jaNET is running on Ubuntu 10.10.

Dual Relay Board

Those relays are controlled by jaNET through a custom program written in java, called plugme.jar and it's responsible to turn the lights on and off.

PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8

MaxBotix EZ-1 Sonar Sensor

Sonar is also controlled by a custom made program written in java called sonar.jar, which returns the distance of an object in cm. jaNET read this value and does what the input on the xml file tell her to. In my case she tells the intruder that has no authorization to my desk area and inform me with e-mail or sms.

The examples above shows the port of an external application into the jaNET system.