Pocket Digital Clock

Windows Mobile Today Screen Plug-in for displaying date and time on the Pocket PC

Custom Font Creation

If you have a font editor like FontCreator and want to make your own fonts for Pocket Digital Clock, please take note of the following guidelines:

  • Font Family Name must be PDC
  • Font Weight: Bold (Must be specified in the font settings and not naming.)
  • Font Design: Bold 
  • PANOSE Values: 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 (Zero for all fields)
  • Font-family Class: No classification.
  • Required glyphs: 0-9, COLON(:), PERIOD(.) and SPECIAL
    • 0-9 are the time digits.
    • COLON(:) and PERIOD(.) represent the time separator between the hour and minute digits. Some European countries use the PERIOD(.) for time separator instead.
    • SPECIAL is a glyph used for the transparent LED effect as seen in the PDC Default font. It is usually the same as the number 8 glyph, otherwise, leave blank if not in use.
  • Gylph mapping (Microsoft Unicode BMP only):
    • 0-9: U+2FE0 to U+2FE9
    • COLON(:): U+2FEA
    • PERIOD(.): U+2FEB
  • Dimension of the gylphs are based on the Tahoma font
  • Glyph width:
    • 0-9 and SPECIAL: 1118 (including white spaces before and after glyph)
    • COLON(:) and PERIOD(.): 724 (including white spaces)
    • Horizontal white space before or after glyph: 120 avg.
  • Glyph height:
    • 1557 max.
    • Bottom boundings: -31
    • Top boundings: 1526
  • Custom font file to be saved as PDC.ttf
  • Install your custom font as mentioned in the Custom Font Installation page


You can also download the Custom Fonts for reference.

Happy font making ;-)


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