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Windows Mobile Today Screen Plug-in for displaying date and time on the Pocket PC

Custom Fonts

All fonts on this page, except PDC Default font, are not created by me. The fonts originate from and are basically free.

Each zipped file below contains a PDC.ttf custom font file and the original font archive from 1001 Fonts. Only PDC.ttf is required for customization of Pocket Digital Clock. Please read Custom Font Installation for more details on how to install fonts.

Note that these fonts may not work on prior versions of Pocket Digital Clock (Version or earlier). Please download and reinstall the latest version of Pocket Digital Clock to use with the newer fonts.


Technically, the glyphs in the PDC.tff custom font file are the same as those found in the font archive. The only difference is the custom font file has limited and slightly stretched glyphs to accomodate for font placement.

If authors of these fonts do not wish their fonts to be distributed on this site, please feel free to send me an email.



  • Screenshots on this page were taken with ClearType enabled.
  • Fonts without the transparent LED effect will be easier to read on brighter backgrounds. Alternatively, you can adjust the Background Opacity and Color to increase readability.


PDC Default (with transparent LED effect) (Distributed with installation files)


PDC Default


Astronaut (with transparent LED effect)




Atomic Clock Radio (with transparent LED effect)



Atomic Clock Radio


Black Wolf


Contour Generator


Dendritic Voltage


Digital dream (with transparent LED effect)


Digital dream


Fragile Bombers


Greaseballs (with transparent LED effect)








Nasalization Free


Orbicular (BRK)


Origami Mommy


Parry Hotter


Planetary Orbiter




SF Sports Night


SF TransRobotics


techno overload (BRK)


Traveling Typewriter










Custom Fonts Contributed By Users

  • gsand (from xda-developers forum):

New PDC (with transparent LED effect)


New PDC 2


Total: 32 custom fonts (27 unique)

P.S. All fonts do not have the transparent LED effect unless specified.


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