~~ In 1970,the great lyricist Indeevar had described India as-

जब ज़ीरो दिया मेरे भारत ने, दुनिया को तब गिनती आई
तारों की भाषा भारत ने, दुनिया को पहले सिखलाई
देता ना दशमलव भारत तो यू चाँद पे जाना मुश्किल था,
धरती और चाँद की दूरी का अंदाज़ा लगाना मुश्किल था
सभ्यता जहाँ पहले आई, पहले जन्मी है जहाँ पे कला,
अपना भारत वो भारत हैं, जिसके पीछे संसार चला
संसार चला और आगे बढ़ा,यू आगे बढ़ा बढ़ता ही गया,  
भगवान करे ये और बढ़े,बढ़ता ही रहे और फूले फले..

Indeed, in ancient times, India used to be the richest country in the world. We were the

 richest country of the world for centuries, during the successful rule of the  

 Gupta and the Maurya dynasty and the great Akbar's period. We were true golden bird, which 

 attracted raids and plunders from  the entire world, from the British and French to the   


      At that time of the British rule, we united to revolt and removed away those

 cruel rulers. After that everyone except us was thinking that India, the nation with 800 

 languages would surely not be able to exist as a nation for a long time due to this diversity. 

 But it was due to our patriotism and unity that we are surviving in such a good condition till 

 62 years…. 

        We have excelled in every field, whether it is IT or Nano technology or

 space technology.  But this is one side of the coin. We are not concentrating on the other 

 side. This is 120 crore population, 23% of which is still below poverty line (source: official 

 estimates).The casual attitude which we are practicing is the darker side. Corruption, lack of 

 infrastructure in villages, lack of communal harmony etc. are the problems our nation is 

 facing. Thus, it is high time that Indian youth rise again, with the same spirit they had 

 during freedom struggle  and free Bharat Mata from all problems…. 

        We will have to struggle for a new India, an India free of problems where,

 as per Dr. Kalam's dream, each person will get a reasonable lifespan, an occupation that 

 would provide them the basic comforts and good health care. We have to head for achieving 

 this big goal, for which already many people are struggling hard, including Dr. Kalam 

 himself, many youth organizations, internet groups etc….

 This group is an effort for providing momentum to this movement…


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