This WebQuest was created as part of a final project for Learning with the Internet course offered through the University of Missouri. It is also used in Mr. Moser's Physics class taught at Webb CIty High School in Missouri. It is meant to help engage students to reach high levels of thinking by doing like the philosophers and scientist did long ago, learning and thinking and doing then summarizing and sharing. The unit on projectile motion is one of the basic units in physics that puts together all the components in the kinematics section. The intended audience is for high school students studying physics.

The following are the goals for the WebQuest.

Goal 1: Students will be able to analyze the motion of projectiles using:

  • Verbal representations

o   Position

o   Velocity

o   Acceleration

  • Algebraic representations

o   Explains each variable

o   Shows how each should be used

  • Graphical representations

o   Includes graphs of position and velocity


Goal 2: Students will research gather qualitative and quantitative data and communicate their findings with explanations.

  • At least two resources are cited properly on website
  • Summarizes data
  • Includes conclusion of results


Goal 3: Constructs a learning tool for others to learn from.

  • Make presentation from researched content.
  • Uses collaboration to promote validity of content.

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