Thermal Printer

Thermal Printer

How Does It Work?

When thermal printers are used, one has to use thermal paper to print on. Thermal paper is needed to print because it has a certain chemical on it that when it’s exposed to heat, the chemical changes colour. When the printer prints, it heats the thermal paper and the paper changes colour and forms letters.



Advantages and Disadvantages of Thermal Printers



  • ·    No need to buy ink.

·         The pictures it produces have low resolution.

  • ·         More compact than other printers.

·         The paper may fade when exposed to      sunlight.

  • ·         Don’t take much space.                   

·         It is limited to some formats and print size.


Where are they used mostly?

·         Businesses: not to waste money on ink and print out receipts.

  •       Airline tickets
  •          Groceries
  •          Banking
  •          Entertainment
  •          Retail shops  
  •          Health care



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Pros and Cons of Thermal Printers

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