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Welcome!  This is a pre-alpha version of this site for demonstration during the Grace Hopper Conference.  Please e-mail Avani Wildani ( if you have a specific suggestion or are interested in joining this project.  The final version of this site will be launched on a dedicated hosting service as "".

What should I do?

Our Mission

Drawing inspiration from the marvelous essay "Women have always fought", we set out to collect proof that, in computer science, women have always done very good hard, technical research.  

Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper were incredible women, but we want to raise awareness of less famous, but equally incredible women in computer science, many of whom are still active researchers.  We hope that the papers we list will be a roadmap towards incredible female thesis advisors, an inspiration to current C.S. students, and a heartfelt appreciation of the women who have forged the path for the next generation of scientists. 

The papers we've linked to are a starting point, and this list is by no means complete. Read these papers.  Write to the authors (of course, being mindful of the fact that they are all incredibly busy), and suggest a paper off this list next time you are presenting at reading group, or, even better, start a women in computer science reading group of your own!   See our suggestions for how to start a reading group here :

Aren't there people already doing this? 

Many other groups, such as our friends at the Ada Initiative, focus on increasing the presence of women in technology through identifying and addressing discrimination and intimidation in the industry.  Our goal is to reach out to the women who do make it through to tell them that they are not alone.  Most women in computer science have little exposure to women who are true experts in the field.  By reading canonical papers with female first authors, we hope to share the message that real women are out there doing exemplary science.

Who are you?

We're women affiliated with the Storage Systems Research Center at UC Santa Cruz and FILLINLATER.  Please direct questions to Dr. Avani Wildani (