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Training center "Slava Raškaj"

Center for Training and Education "Slava Raškaj" Zagreb has more than 120 years dealing with rehabilitation, education of children and young people and hearing impaired children with speech and communication difficulties. The center is in the system of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and our customers come from all over the Republic of Croatian. The center has 101 employees, of which 71 professional.
Our programs include early intervention, housing program and organized leisure time, preschool and primary school program, and vocational school program in which are students educated in nine different professional occupations. We currently have 230 users, of which 100 attend vocational school, and 50% of them are trained in the catering profession in the professions and pastry chef.

The Center has extensive experience in national projects and has participated in several international projects. In particular we would like to emphasize our project, "Sweet challenge" that has resulted from the project "Challenge" in collaboration with the Dutch embassy. The project began 2004th years and is still a goal the formation of support structures to encourage self-employment and entrepreneurship of our students and culinary or pastrycook orientation during and after education. Employees involved in the project "Sweet challenge" will be included in the implementation of this project.