The Team

Project Manager
Brigita Jerić

I graduated from the Law Faculty in Zagreb, School of Social Work. I mentor social work students. Participates in the implementation of the program vocational school, and in support of students after graduation (integration, employment, social inclusion). I am active in the implementation of school projects and projects financed from the EU pre-accession funds.

Project Assistant
Mateja Grozdek, psychologist

I graduated in Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. Narrow area of interest is the psychology of adolescence, with emphasis on people with special needs. I work as a psychologist in Central Vocational School Center Slava Raškaj, and as an associate in the Counseling Center. I am a member of the project team, participating in the application, organization and implementation of projects financed by the European Union.

Contact e-mail:
Bojan Branisavljević, psychologist

Graduated in Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. Participated in designing and writing the project "From experience to work". Currently working in kindergarten as a psychologist.

Professional teachers
Davorka Vajs Kristović
I'm food technology engineer and I work for 7 years at the Centre, teaching vocational subjects to students who are trained for chefs and pastry chefs. I love working with children and cope well in cooking. Every year, I'm actively involved with students at fairs, where they achieved remarkable results. I love to travel, socialize, dance and swim. I am married and have 2 sons (10 and 13 years).
Vedran Habel
Professional Associate from Public Open University of Zagreb

After 12 years working in restaurants and hotels, I had the last working experience in the hotel restaurant Esplanade. I had the desire to convey gained working experience to others and I was hired as a teacher cook and teacher specialist of national dishes at Open University of Zagreb. After some time and gained experience of transferring knowledge I was intrigued by the differences between people so I expanded my horizons to teach on various projects workshops related to improving the lives of people with special needs, teaching cooking skills people with disabilities, cooking for ambassadors wifes, nutritional food for athletes and more numerous other educational programs. The aim of my engagement was to gain experience working with different people and their different needs. In the meantime I wrote a small cookbook for cooking course, all in order to build something much larger. Seeing that the cook was a successful project, and projects that I spent was to, I decided to write tutorial for 1st and 2nd class, and the curriculum od cooking for all secondary schools in Croatia. Slowly realizing the problems and needs of disabled and fans of cooking, I initiated and funded the multimedia project of 14 shows where each shows a technique to prepare meat with translation into sign language. While recording series I made an excellent cooperation with the staff and students of the Center Slava Raškaj and Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Zagreb. With the Alliance of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Zagreb I organized course „Small cooking school for hearing impaired persons“ whose response was beyond all our expectations. Now I'm working with Center Slava Raškaj on the project for exchange student with Finland, where children will hold presentations in preparing and serving Croatian national dishes.
Professor of Computing
Irena Krajnović
I am a teacher and IT specialist. I'm working in the Centre for 2nd year now. I am helping everyone at the Centre in the use of computers and the kids I teach computer science. I love traveling (especially with motorbike), hike, ski, play badminton and I love animals and nature.