Students who were in Finland 2010.

Gordana Bulić
My name is Gordana Bulić. I was born 13th March 1990. I'm living in Dubrava in Zagreb town.
I attend secondary school „Slava Raškaj“ and I've specialized for cooking. I do my practical work at restaurant „Boban“ and attend regular classes at my school. I am very ambitious. I like new challenges. I am very cheerful but I am very serious at work.

I like to practice and to improve my professional knowledge. I wish to finish my school and become a successful cook. My greatest wish is to have a restaurant of my own.

I like traveling in order to get acquainted with world best known specialists. At the end I'd like to say that I have a recommendation from my teachers and chefs.
Gordan Malogorski
My name is Gordan Malogorski. I was born 8th February 1990.

I attend secondary school "Slava Raškaj" and specialized for cooling.
I do my practical work at restaurant "Mali raj".

I'm ambitious, and I love new challenges. I am looking forward to meet you and learn something about your culture.
Marijan Miličević
Hi, my name is Marijan.
I'm 18 years old and living in Zagreb. I'm going in fourth grade of high school for chefs.

I love my profession and I'm trying to be better in an effort to improve my knowledge on this area.
I hope to learn a lot and that I have a good time in Finland
Dario Štirjan
Hi. I am Dario Štirjan. I have 18 years, I was born in Zagreb. I'm finishing fourth grade high school for chefs.
I am very interested in this profession and I'd love to learn more about the various cousines. In free time I'm hanging out with friends and play football.

In Finland I'd like to make friends and keep in touch with them after the visit. I'm interested in their culture and cuisine.
I hope I'll have a pleasant time in Finland and that they have nice memories about us.