Updates on the Wash


October 2009:

Utility Services will be having two monitoring wells installed for groundwater between Valle Verde and Sandwedge Channel, starting on Friday, Oct. 2. 


August 2009:

COH Utility Services will be potholing the existing sewer line in the Wash east of Valle Verde early next week.  This involves digging a small hole down until they reach the pipe so they can locate its exact location and depth.  This should have very little impact on the Wash.


June 2009:


The City of Henderson will be doing some geotechnical work in the Wash between Valle Verde and the railroad bridge.  The work is part of the design for the relocation of the sanitary sewer line and it will involve drilling a number of holes to determine the properties of the material below the surface.  The contractor has been informed that he must preserve the existing vegetation wherever possible.  He will access the Wash from the ramp off of Valle Verde, but they are looking into the feasibility of using the wash that joins the Pittman Wash from the south just upstream of the railroad bridge to minimize disruption to the Wash.


If you have questions or concerns about the sanitary sewer relocation project, please contact the City's Utility Services Dept. at (702) 267-5900 or send an email from the department's website using the Contact Utility Services link. You can also contact us at ProjectGreenHenNV@gmail.com. Watch this site for more information.


Parking Lot Update and Public Input Meeting on Mon. 9/21:
The parking lot has been removed from the Pittman Wash Master Plan!    Project Green would like thank all the neighbors, Wash users, and other people who made their opposition known.
To find out more about what else is planned for the Pittman Wash area in the next few years, especially in the areas of safety and access, please come to the Public Input Meeting on Mon. 9/21 to learn about more upcoming changes and projects in the Pittman Wash. Come check it out, and let the City of Henderson know what you think! 
Monday, Sept. 21
5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Silver Springs Recreation Center (1951 Silver Springs Pky)
The City of Henderson has posted the master plan documents for the Arroyo Grande Park and proposed Pittman Wash changes . To see the plans, go to http://www.hendersonparksandtrails.com/pittmanwashtrail.htm and click on the image labeled "Master Plan." THe PDF document has 9 pages, so the file is large and may take a few minutes to open. The page of the plan which shows the parking lot is attached below (scroll down to the bottom of the page).