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Okay everybody! The jig is up! We can't use the name "World of Goo 2" anymore. This group of people will still be making World of Goo mods, but no longer can we upset any violations.

A few days ago, Ron Carmel emailed me:

hi there,

this is ron, from 2d boy.  we've gotten a few emails recently from people asking us if we're making world of goo 2, because they searched for it and came across your website (

we are very much in favor of fan created content, but we need you to follow some basic guidelines.  first, please do not call it world of goo 2, wog2, or anything that people can confuse with the game that we created.  "world of goo fan mod" for example, would be fine.

second, please remove references to 2d boy from your website.  the main page says "brought to you by 2dboy and goofans" and we want to make sure people don't think that this is something we're working on.  technically, what you're doing constitutes a copyright violation, but we understand that this was not your intent.

third, i am assuming that your plan is to distribute this mod for free, but just wanted to let you know that trying to profit from a mod based on our game would be illegal.

please follow our requests, and best of luck with your mod!  let me know when it's done and we'd be happy to help spread the word.


There. As you can see, we can no longer put 2DBOY as an author, let alone call it "World of Goo 2". I have started a team of trusted people who will be, over the next week or two, changing the name all over the internet. This term has appeared on several websites including (but are not limited to),,, and It was also mentioned on wikipedia ( which I have not (before now) noticed before.

A new link will appear here soon to our new website with a different name and copyright info. This one will be down by next year.

'Happy Trails!

Brought to you by Goofans

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