To spread the word about Serbo-Croatian Poetry Translation even further we have launched an occasional Newsletter. 

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August 2017 In spite of the winds
June 2017 Par la mort contre la mort
May 2017 May for Science
April 2017 April
March 2017 I - a foreigner
February 2017 Her name was Lola
December 2016 Roll on 2017
October 2016 On Epic Form
July 2016 Bread for all!
May 2016 May with Momčilo
April 2016 The Spring rain waters hope
March 2016 Spring into Action! 
February 2016 February Flurry
January 2016 little BIG poem
November 2015 What the fertile Autumn brings...
June 2015 A string of blinded words...
May 2015 May be
June 2014 Happy June!
December 2013 These words have legs 
November 2013
My Name is Grobarov
July 2013 The Epic Issue 
June 2013 The Occasional Issue
Bear with us...
March 2013 Prince of Poets: Jovan Dučić
February 2013 The Discrete Issue
Gone fishing
December 2012 Season's greetings and a happy new you! - Duško Radović
November 2012 Timeless traces of our elation - Laza Kostić
October 2012 Singing love's praises in sugar-coated rhyme - Aleksa Šantić
September 2012 More lives than a cat: Miroslav 'Mika' Antić
July 2012 "Great fears and great doubts...": Desanka Maksimović
June 2012  "Like a universe passing through a universe": Vasko Popa
May 2012 Like an orange on the branch: Dobriša Cesarić
April 2012 The other foreign languages issue
March 2012 "I felt, one day, all the helplessness of our life...": Miloš Crnjanski
Holiday... :)  
December 2011 Ivo Andrić - Casting a Shining Light
November 2011 Here be dragons! Jovan Jovanović Zmaj
October 2011 "Another season, another reason...": Branko Miljković
September 2011 Children's issue: "Als das Kind Kind war..."
August 2011 Happy August!: Ivan Slamnig
July 2011 (1st issue) 1st Issue: Jovan Hristić